Prospective projects

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation does not only provide the service of comprehensive support of the large-scale projects, but also offers primary support to new projects and investment proposals of the potential investors and business initiators. Work with prospective projects makes it possible to plan the future socioeconomic development of the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Tuva and the Republic of Khakassia and lay its foundation today.

The main task of the Corporation is to support and scale the projects, to embed them into the Yenisey Siberia investment project. It creates the conditions for maximum efficient implementation yielding a multiplicative effect for territorial development. The development corporation is open for proposals from companies and interested persons. It is ready to provide assistance in preparation of the required investment data.

Former Shipyard Territory Renovation in Sverdlovsky District, Krasnoyarsk

The project entails renovation of the Krasnoyarsk former shipbuilding yard territory in the Sverdlovsky intra-city district and construction of a new residential quarter in its place. The residential quarter will spread over 20.18 hectares with a total space of both residential and non-residential premises of 290 thousand square meters. The new residential estate will comply

Creation of the Epitetica Federal Medical Production Centre

The project is aimed at the creation of the Epitetica Federal Medical Production Centre (MPC) in Krasnoyarsk that will use a comprehensive approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with maxillofacial and limb injuries. The majority of patients in need of Epitetica MPC medical care are individuals who have suffered from cancers and injuries

Krasnoyarsk Digital Valley establishment

Digitalization of the economy of the Yenisey Siberia and the country as a whole, concentration and development of advantageous conditions for the best IT companies in one place, providing them with the resources necessary for efficient IT development work. The project encompasses construction of high-tech buildings and structures united into a cluster in order to

Field exploration and electric fused magnesia plant construction

Field exploration and construction of an electric fused magnesia plant in the Motygino District of the Krasnoyarsk Region with the production capacity of 100-200 thousand tons per year. It is planned to explore and produce the magnesite ore at Verkhneturovskoe deposit. The new magnesite pit makes it possible to reach the capacity of around 300,000

Ekvatoria Aquapark

The project involves construction and launch of an aqua park with a hotel complex in Krasnoyarsk to provide sports and entertainment services to residents and guests of the city. The aquapark will become one of the key sights of Krasnoyarsk and attract a large number of vacationers, including tourists from neighboring cities and regions.Within the

Expansion and reconstruction of bentonite granule production

The expansion and modernization of the existing production capacities to increase the production volume of bentonite mud powder and bentonite granule for the key branches of Russian economy: oil and gas, nuclear, metallurgic and casting industries, as well as for nigh added-value bentonite products release (interpolymer cohesive agent, bentonite for horizontal drilling, OSMA grade bentonite,