Within the existing concept, the Ethnopark consists of a touristic and a residential zone.

The touristic zone of the Ethnopark includes an entertainment park intended to preserve the world outlook and ethnic cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Republics of Tuva and Khakassia, northern ethnicities and the entire Krasnoyarsk Region, to recreate their lifestyle and original activities, to present the amazing peoples living along the banks of the Yenisey River to the public. The park infrastructure will be full of interactive locations, workshops of crafts, copies of the main places of interest of the regions, exhibitions and photozones. The entertainment park will serve as the point of attraction of the tourist traffic.

The hotel zone includes an eco-friendly low-rise district consisting of residential buildings of various types: townhouses, city villas, low-rise blocks of apartments.

The facility area is 101 ha.

Socioeconomic effects:

– The ethnopark will serve as a platform for the support and preservation of originality, old customs, cuisines, crafts of the ethnicities resident in the macroregion.

– Demonstration of the industrial and touristic potential of the regions of the Yenisey Siberia. 

– The average annual number of the entertainment park visitors per day will reach 3.9 thousand people; the total revenue will constitute 100 million roubles per year yielding the tax revenues of 40 million roubles per year.

– The total amount of tax payments for the hotel zone construction and sale period will constitute 1.5 billion roubles.

– Creation of over 50 new jobs (250 for the construction period). 

Investors: Link LLC

Delivery period: 2020-2028

Investment: 115 million dollars