The project is aimed at the creation of the Epitetica Federal Medical Production Centre (MPC) in Krasnoyarsk that will use a comprehensive approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with maxillofacial and limb injuries. The majority of patients in need of Epitetica MPC medical care are individuals who have suffered from cancers and injuries to their face, head, and/or limbs.

It is planned to build a specialized medical facility with all necessary medical, surgical, prosthetic and rehabilitation equipment.

The Epitetica MPC will provide:

– Medical care and rehabilitation of patients

– Production of standard and customized kits for surgical and prosthetic stages of rehabilitation

– Additional types of medical care (dentistry, trauma surgery, orthopaedics, ENT problems, CT, and complex diagnostic tests) as well as individual services to the population

– Educational services aimed at professional training and re-training of specialists in the Epitetica practice and adjacent specialities, jointly with Professorskaya Praktika Centre for Advanced Professional Education and Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

Social and economic effects:

– Higher affordability and quality of healthcare services and social welfare in regions of Yenisey Siberia and all over the Russian Federation

– Comprehensive services for the rehabilitation of patients by means of using in-house epitheses produced at the Radiosvyaz Research and Production Enterprise of Rostec State Corporation

– 80 new highly efficient jobs

– Annual services for up to 1000 people

– The Epitetica MPC can provide training to about 500 people each year in Epitetica practice and related skills

– Reduction in the current market value of rehabilitation through certification and application of in-house epitheses

Investors: Epitetica, Our Future Fund of Regional Social Programs, Professor Nikolaenko clinic

Delivery period: 2020 – 2024

Investment: target demand of about 200 mln RUB