Digitalization of the economy of the Yenisey Siberia and the country as a whole, concentration and development of advantageous conditions for the best IT companies in one place, providing them with the resources necessary for efficient IT development work.

The project encompasses construction of high-tech buildings and structures united into a cluster in order to create new jobs in the IT industry. The cluster will embrace educational and scientific institutions of Krasnoyarsk to ensure the educational, scientific and HR support of the project.

In the process of project delivery, a unique infrastructure consisting of Depo digital business centre, Renovation technopark, VR-Arena, Liner digital business centre and other structures will be created.

Socioeconomic effects:

– Creation of over 4000 new jobs and preservation of 1000 existing ones;

– Over 12,000 billion roubles of tax revenues for the years 2020-2030.

Investors: IT companies: Sibiryak Managing company LLC, Bilan LLC, SGLeague Group

Delivery period: 2019-2024

Investment: 96,3 billion dollars