The project entails renovation of the Krasnoyarsk former shipbuilding yard territory in the Sverdlovsky intra-city district and construction of a new residential quarter in its place. The residential quarter will spread over 20.18 hectares with a total space of both residential and non-residential premises of 290 thousand square meters. The new residential estate will comply with the principles of technicality, ecological safety, accessibility and comfort. It will comprise residential buildings with exclusive infrastructure, cultural facilities and promenade areas of natural origin.

The architectural composition will include:

– The Yenisey Siberia tower, which is going to be the tallest residential tower outside the Urals (61 floors). It will enclose apartments, an interactive museum, an interactive library, a cinema, an enclosed play area, a shopping centre, a water park, a fitness club, a medical centre, a hotel, a technology park, a business centre, etc.

– Multi-storey buildings (7-9 floors, 17-23 floors)

– A public school (capacity: 550 children) and a nursery school (capacity: 190 children)

– Improved Yenisey Riverbank, which will house a bridge-restaurant, a chapel on the water, a pier, an observation deck and pontoon platforms

– Parking spaces, i.e. an indoor multi-level car park (capacity: 3,700 cars)

Investors: SZ GSK Arban

Project timeline: 2021–2028

Total investment: 21 billion roubles