Development of the Angara-Yenisey Economic District

The purpose of the project is to create conditions for the socioeconomic development of the western part of the Low Angara Region, to mitigate the infrastructural limits, arrange transport accessibility for the region of unique nature and a great mineral resource production potential. The project implies construction of a new gold recovery plant with the […]

Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam Construction

The Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam reservoir will be located in the territories of the Boguchansky and Kezhemsky Districts. The dam construction will create around 3 thousand new jobs. The installed capacity of the dam is 660 MW. When the designed working parameters are reached, the station will provide the average yearly electricity production of 3,300 million kW/hr. […]

Construction of a forest industry complex and auxiliary railway infrastructure facilities in the Boguchansky District of the Krasnoyarsk Region

The Boguchany Forest Industry Complex construction project is the major investment project in the forestry industry in the Russian Federation territory. The Boguchany Forest Industry Complex is a unique vertically integrated facility, covering the entire timber processing cycle from raw material treatment to high added-value product release. During the Forest Industry Complex construction in July […]