The Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam reservoir will be located in the territories of the Boguchansky and Kezhemsky Districts. The dam construction will create around 3 thousand new jobs. The installed capacity of the dam is 660 MW. When the designed working parameters are reached, the station will provide the average yearly electricity production of 3,300 million kW/hr. The Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam will be the fifth large dam on the Angara river, 20 km upstream from Boguchany Village of the Krasnoyarsk Region. The new reservoir will stretch 107 km up the stream of the Angara, located in the territories of the Boguchansky and Kezhemsky Districts.

The project foresees implementation of a number of measures for the improvement of the local socioeconomic climate: establishment of the Business Park, an industrial zone for small entrepreneurship; establishment of the Siberian Federal University R&D and academic-practical base at the Dam hydropower facility; commercial fishery arrangement, recreation facility construction around the reservoir banks, reservoir transport infrastructure development.

Socioeconomic effect: decreased final consumer electricity costs; new jobs of various qualifications; small reservoir flood area (no settlements affected); convenient connection procedure for new customers; commercial fishery development; activation of the private businesses and entrepreneurs, localization of R&D facilities and training of new staff in the territory of the region; increased scientific and research rating of the Siberian Federal University; transport infrastructure development including all-year-round navigation on the dam reservoir.

Investors: Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam LLC; RusalEnergoSet UC.

Delivery period: 2019–2025

Investment: 1,83 billion dollars