Establishment and development of Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley special economic zone of the industrial and production type

The purposes of Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley include development of Russian industry, creation of innovative enterprises and release of competitive products demanded in Russia and abroad. The potential investment projects include: development of rolling production, as well as production of wheel discs, profiles, and consumer goods including sport equipment. The investor companies are offered a free […]

Development of the Angara-Yenisey Economic District

The purpose of the project is to create conditions for the socioeconomic development of the western part of the Low Angara Region, to mitigate the infrastructural limits, arrange transport accessibility for the region of unique nature and a great mineral resource production potential. The project implies construction of a new gold recovery plant with the […]

Battery metal production company establishment

The project is designed to establish Russia’s third largest (after the Ural and Norilsk) non-ferrous metallurgy centre with a prospect of high-efficiency production development. The project will set a new mining and metallurgic industry growth benchmark on the basis of unique platinum-copper-nickel and copper-molybdenum deposits in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Region and the Republic […]

Development and modernization of RUSAL SAYANAL JSC plant

Increasing the aluminium strip production by 50 thousand tons per year for further production of the spacer frames, transformer strips, automotive insulation, screw caps, composite panels, sandwich panels. Investor: RUSAL SAYANAL, JSC Delivery period: 2019–2027 Investment: 77 million dollars 

Kara-Beldir field auriferous ore production and treatment facility

Design and construction of a tank leaching gold washing facility for washing around a million tons of auriferous ores a year and production of around 2 tons of gold a year. Investor: Kara-Beldir LLC Delivery period: 2019–2027 Investment: 95 million dollars 

Development of gold production companies (Polyus Krasnoyarsk, JSC)

A result of the geological survey carried out by Polyus JSC, Blagodatnoe deposit is located 26 km north of Olimpiadinsky MPP. The project implies construction of a new gold recovery factory with the capacity of 6 million tons per year based on Blagodatnoe deposit. The project includes technological improvement of the mining ad processing facility, […]

Development of gold production companies (Vasilyevsky Rudnik, JSC)

The objective of the project is to increase the ore processing capacity of the gold recovery factory of Vasilyevsky Rudnik, JSC, from 413 thousand tons to 1000 thousand tons, and to expand the raw material sources. The project encompasses the scheduled gold recovery factory and resettlement of Partizansk Village residents as per the Law of Krasnoyarsk […]

Development of gold production companies (Sovrudnik, LLC)

The objective of the project is to explore the gold ore deposits of Noybinskaya area of the North Yenisey District of Krasnoyarsk Region. The project implies the exploration of Vysokoe and Zolotoe deposits, establishing a modern mining and processing facility with the ore processing capacity up to 5 million tons and production capacity of over […]