The purposes of Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley include development of Russian industry, creation of innovative enterprises and release of competitive products demanded in Russia and abroad. The potential investment projects include: development of rolling production, as well as production of wheel discs, profiles, and consumer goods including sport equipment. The investor companies are offered a free territory at the premises of the Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant standing next to Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter and some free adjacent land parcels.

Socioeconomic effects: creation of 1200 new jobs and attraction of highly qualified personnel; synergy and cooperation with the production enterprises, R&D and education institutions of the Krasnoyarsk Region can invigorate the development of the education environment of the region; development of the investment attractiveness of the Krasnoyarsk Region by establishing new production facilities, expansion of sales markets for the products released in the territory; preservation and increment of the export share for certain types of aluminium and alloy products; establishment of the new high-tech industrial companies supplying products both to the domestic and the export markets.

Investor: RUSAL UC.

Delivery period: 2018–2027

Investment: over 0,44 billion dollars (preliminary assessment of the aggregate investment of the residents)