Construction of a forest industry complex and auxiliary railway infrastructure facilities in the Boguchansky District of the Krasnoyarsk Region

The Boguchany Forest Industry Complex construction project is the major investment project in the forestry industry in the Russian Federation territory. The Boguchany Forest Industry Complex is a unique vertically integrated facility, covering the entire timber processing cycle from raw material treatment to high added-value product release. During the Forest Industry Complex construction in July […]

Modernization of the woodworks based at the Angara-Yenisey economic district

The objective of the project is modernization of the timber processing facilities, including wood waste processing, which also encompasses arrangement of fuel pellet production. The project implies the increase of the capacity of the domestic woodworks by 386,500 m3 of merchantable wood. Facility modernization will ensure the production of the following goods: – plywood and glued […]

Construction of a biotechnological facility in Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk Region

The project presents a modern high-tech and efficient production facility with a single changeover cellulose production line. The cellulose and paper plant will be built at the premises of around 1000 ha, at the industrial site belonging to the leading asset of Lesosibirsk LDK No. 1 group of companies. At the present moment, the construction […]