The project presents a modern high-tech and efficient production facility with a single changeover cellulose production line. The cellulose and paper plant will be built at the premises of around 1000 ha, at the industrial site belonging to the leading asset of Lesosibirsk LDK No. 1 group of companies. At the present moment, the construction roadmap has been developed, the infrastructure survey has been completed, the thorough technical design and the preparation for obtaining a construction permit are in process.

The project implies construction of a facility for comprehensive deep processing of timber materials for the production of cellulose and a wide range of other bioproducts, capable of replacing mineral materials and fuels. When the project capacity is reached, the average production volume of bleached softwood and/or hardwood sulphate pulp will constitute around 700 thousand tons per year.

The new facility establishment will ensure additional annual tax revenues into the regional budget at the amount exceeding 5.4 billion Roubles after the project capacity is achieved. Around 460 full-time jobs and 5000 temporary jobs for the construction period will be created.

The project will stimulate the development of infrastructure in Lesosibirsk: construction of a 10 km railway, arrangement of a new water intake facility for the town, construction of an elevated road by the new production site, creation of an additional electric power source (up to 17.8 MW) for the local needs of Lesosibirsk town.

The project is expected to make a positive effect on the environment by recycling around 2.3 million m3 unmerchantable wood per year and reforestation works. Moreover, the new facility will provide the prerequisites for the development of small and medium-sized construction businesses of the region (construction material supplies, construction equipment rental, construction and assembly services etc.), together with the transportation, logistics (timber delivery, finished product shipment), service and maintenance of the vehicles and equipment.

Investors: Segezha Group, managing company, LLC (Sistema joint-stock financial corporation)

Delivery period2020 – 2023

Investment1,41 million dollars