Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam Construction

The Nizhneboguchanskaya Dam reservoir will be located in the territories of the Boguchansky and Kezhemsky Districts. The dam construction will create around 3 thousand new jobs. The installed capacity of the dam is 660 MW. When the designed working parameters are reached, the station will provide the average yearly electricity production of 3,300 million kW/hr. […]

Development of Krasnoyarsk heating supply system, including heat supply structure optimization

The objective of the project is to create a proper infrastructure for the growing city and new accommodation construction. The project is focused on the development of energy production facilities of Krasnoyarsk, including comprehensive environmental modernization and expansion of Krasnoyarsk HES-1 and increasing the capacity of Krasnoyarsk HES-3. Moreover, it implies the development of heating […]