The objective of the project is to create a proper infrastructure for the growing city and new accommodation construction. The project is focused on the development of energy production facilities of Krasnoyarsk, including comprehensive environmental modernization and expansion of Krasnoyarsk HES-1 and increasing the capacity of Krasnoyarsk HES-3. Moreover, it implies the development of heating supply system of the city, including optimization of the heating supply structure and replacement of the low-impact small boiler houses.

Socioeconomic effects: improved environmental condition of Krasnoyarsk due to the commissioning of modern innovative equipment intended to reduce the harmful exhausts; improved heating supply quality in the districts through enhancement of the production facilities and general development of the entire system, including optimization of the heating supply structure and elimination of the inefficient heating sources; reduced frequency of emergency situations and improved equipment reliability at Krasnoyarsk HES-1 and HES-3 by means of introduction of the innovative equipment.

Investors: Krasnoyarsk HES-1, JSC; Yeniseiskaya TGK Power Company JSC; Krasnoyarsk Heat Transportation Company JSC.

Delivery period: 2019–2022

Investment: 1,18 billion dollars