12 September 2019

The impact of digitalization to the young staff involvement was discussed at the round table of the 4th International SAP Metals and Mining Summit in Moscow

On September 11, at the 4th International SAP Metals and Mining Summit, the round table titled “Young Staff VS Digitalization” was held. The round table was moderated by the Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko. The discussion was participated by the representatives of large industrial companies, higher education institutions, and Russian IT companies.

The key topics of the Round Table were the HR supplies in the conditions of universal implementation of digital technologies, involvement of young labour force, new education technologies, application of digital capacities to accelerate the adaptation of the employees, development of professional, technical, corporate and management competences, involvement of the youth into the innovative, scientific, research and project activity.

In the process of discussion, it was found that all around the world digitalization is expected to increase labour productivity and the people’s welfare. Digitalization and intellectual automation are forecasted to provide up to 14% increment of the global GDP by 2030, which is equivalent to approximately 15 trillion US Dollars according to the present exchange rate. The mature markets will enjoy a large benefit, since digitalization makes it possible to reduce the operation expenses, making the companies less dependant on the labour arbitration and increasing the production volumes at the national markets.

In its turn, the demand for qualified specialists and the salaries offered to them will grow. Since the need for qualified labour will rapidly increase, and, namely, the need for specialists in the sphere of digital technologies, data analysis and the employees with the background in technology, science, engineering and mathematics, the new methods of recruitment and getting access to the highly qualified specialists, as well as the training programmes designed with regard to the tasks of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will play the critical role.

The Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko remarked, that the digital transformation will inevitably cause the decrease of expenses and increase the business efficiency. “However, it is not yet clear how it may affect the HR situation in the companies, the labour market in general and young specialists in particular. We have discussed the problem from different points of view with the colleagues and experts, and we have arrived at the conclusion that the young specialists having a wide range of digitalization-related advantages are more flexible in the adoption of new knowledge, development of the right skills and abilities. Active cooperation with the education institutions, industrial partners, future employers and IT vendors may make it possible to design a range of unique services to help the young specialists get involved in the companies and ensure the digital transformation through their projects and efforts”, concluded Sergei Ladyzhenko.