Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino Railway Construction

The designed length of Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino railway is 410 km, and its main purpose is export up to 15 million tons of coal per year from the Elegest field (Republic of Tuva) and connection to the Trans-Siberian railway. The transport infrastructure will be developed simultaneously with the mining and concentration facility at the field. The project […]

Battery metal production company establishment

The project is designed to establish Russia’s third largest (after the Ural and Norilsk) non-ferrous metallurgy centre with a prospect of high-efficiency production development. The project will set a new mining and metallurgic industry growth benchmark on the basis of unique platinum-copper-nickel and copper-molybdenum deposits in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Region and the Republic […]

Hospitable Tuva automotive tourism cluster

Establishment of a cost-efficient cluster complying with the current technical and organizational requirements to activate the development of tourism in the Republic of Tuva in the territory of the Siberian Federal Okrug along M54 Yenisey Federal motorway section of Turan-Kyzyl-Chadan-Chandagayty-state border with Mongolia. The project will facilitate the development of transborder tourism, interregional and international […]

Kara-Beldir field auriferous ore production and treatment facility

Design and construction of a tank leaching gold washing facility for washing around a million tons of auriferous ores a year and production of around 2 tons of gold a year. Investor: Kara-Beldir LLC Delivery period: 2019–2027 Investment: 95 million dollars 

Establishment of Krasnoyarsk-Abakan-Kyzyl-Khandagayty-Ulangom-Khovd-Ürümqi transborder motorway corridor

Establishment of Russian-Mongolia-China (Krasnoyarsk-Abakan-Kyzyl-Khandagayty-Tsagaan Tologoy- Ürümqi) motorway corridor for expansion of transborder trading, inclusion of the Republic of Tuva into global transport routes, attraction of investment, creation of trading houses in Mongolia and China, a chain of logistic centres with special cargo transportation, storage and partial treatment conditions. Investor: The Republic of Tuva Investment Attraction and […]

Establishment of a customs and logistic terminal, temporary storage facility, fuel station, hotel, elevator, wool processing and semi-finished meat goods production facility in the nearest proximity from Khadagayty Auto-Crossing Point

In accordance with the international obligations of the Russian Federation, the establishment of Khadagayty two-side auto-crossing point (hereinafter referred to as two-side ACP) will bring the existing partnership between the Republic of Tuva, Siberian regions, Mongolia and China to a new level in a number of aspects. The open access for the third-country citizens will […]

Multi-profile medical centre in Kyzyl city

Establishment of a competitive and high-profit company with modern equipment and professional personnel. Coverage of a large market of medical services provided to the population of the Republic of Tuva. Satisfaction of the high-tech medical care market, provision of high-quality medical service in all the spheres covered by the project. Achievement of the designed capacity […]