3 May 2024

An educational training seminar on “Speech image” was held for the participants of the personnel reserve of Yenisey Siberia

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation organized an educational training seminar on the topic “Speech image”. The speaker was the head of the Artrech project, teacher-phonopedist, lecturer of the courses of additional professional education at SIBFU Demid Gadalov. Similar educational events on various topics for the participants of the personnel reserve are held monthly.

A speech image is a public image of a person formed using the language tools used to create a certain impression of oneself. At the event, the participants of the personnel reserve got acquainted with the components of the speech image, learned about the functions and physical capabilities of the human vocal apparatus, as well as the rules of its care. At the end of the event, a voice development training was held.

“Today, every modern specialist has to express his ideas publicly, make presentations of himself, the results of his activities, and defend projects. The quality of speech is a factor that can significantly influence the success of interpersonal and business communication. I am very pleased that representatives of the personnel reserve of Yenisei Siberia showed great interest in the presented topic, asked questions and performed exercises. As a speaker, I enjoyed working with the audience,” said Demid Gadalov.

Recall that the Agency for Labor and Employment of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation are implementing a set of measures to provide personnel to organizations implementing investment projects in the region, including forming a personnel reserve of Yenisei Siberia. Currently, the personnel reserve already includes 4,427 people.

You can be selected for the personnel reserve of Yenisei Siberia at the employment centers in Krasnoyarsk (Employment Department for the Sovetsky district), Achinsk, Abakan and Kyzyl, where special information desks are installed. The digital service allows you to register on an online platform with a set of test materials. The online platform is used to select and evaluate applicants: specialists in the humanities, engineering and working professions, as well as managers. Candidates can create a resume according to an established template and immediately take an online test aimed at determining the level of necessary competencies. Another way to qualify for the personnel reserve of Yenisei Siberia is to take part in professional skill championships and other qualifying events of the Corporation’s partners.

The implementation of the Yeniseiskaya Sibir KIP projects will create more than 100 thousand new jobs in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to the Agency for Labor and Employment of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, during the implementation of the KIP, 16,851 applications were received from investors to find specialists to work on investment projects, of which 11,463 vacancies were filled at the expense of all sources of labor resources.