«Sayan Mosaic. Winter»

Sayan Mosaic is a popular route that allows you to visit simple but very spectacular sights. It will be interesting for every tourist. The program includes the visit to the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, the largest hydroelectric power plant in Russia, which is the heart of Khakassia.

Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy the fabulously beautiful winter nature, get acquainted with the history of antiquity and modern achievements, as well as visit the ski slopes of Gladenkaya Ski Resort. The slopes of Gladenkaya, in terms of technical characteristics, can successfully compete with similar resorts.

The 8-day tour includes 5 day stay in a four-star country hotel, everyday excursions or skiing, as well as 2 day stay in the city hotels with a free program.

For those who do not have time for the whole program, there is a one-day tour called “Sayan Mosaic”.