“Khakass Ethnography”

Year-round tour focused on getting to know the national culture of the Republic of Khakassia. The tour includes visiting three museums. You may well consider yourself an expert on the history of southern Siberia and Khakass culture when you visit them. The main museum of the Republic of Khakassia is located in Abakan and has a unique collection of ancient stone statues. The museum near the village of Kazanovka will tell about the life and beliefs of the Khakass, about simple and wise ancient customs and about the decoration of the yurt, the traditional dwelling.  Museum “Khurtuyakh Tas” is dedicated to the ancient magic stone – 4000-year-old menhir, shrouded in legends and possessing the healing energy. Guests of the excursion will definitely try Khakass treats – Talgan and Ayran, and, if desired, a full-fledged meat lunch. They will also be able to take part in different workshops.