“Dragon’s Tale”

Journey to the southern part of the Tyva Republic. A unique opportunity to visit the sacred “Buddha’s Footprint”. Burgan-izi (Buddha Footprint) is the imprint of one or both of the feet of Gogama Buddha. The description of these prints is often accompanied by the legends. Besides, during the tour, you will go to Chagytai Lake – the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the Tyva basin. According to one of the legends the daughter of Chinggis Khan is buried at the bottom of this lake. The beauty of these places is worthy the artist’s brush: massive rocks immersed in primordial forests, and a swift mountain river carrying its waters along the canyon, make you forget about the worldly vanity and join the eternal.

During this tour you will:

– make a wish in a sacred place;

– swim in Chagytay lake;

– go down to the canyon to the Durgen waterfall, located in the taiga of Tandy-Uula;

– learn the history of these mysterious places;

– hear the legends of these lands.