1 October 2019

The Yenisey Siberia CIP infrastructural projects are discussed in the Republic of Khakassia

In the Republic of Khakassia, a session of the inter-agency task force on the implementation of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project in the territory of the region. The task force members discussed the current condition of the projects ran in the territory of the Republic, results and further plans of the Ministry of Finance task force for facilitation of new investment projects.

In his speech, Sergei Ladyzhenko remarked that the Yenisey Siberia CIP projects in the territory of Khakassia are being implemented in accordance with the initially prepared plan: “We notice the special attention the Republic authorities pay to the CIP project, and expect them to enhance our cooperation for project promotion at the federal level. There is some active work being done on a series of projects, both included and not included into CIP but in the areas relevant for the Republic”, noticed Sergei Ladyzhenko.

A special attention at the meeting was paid to the coal fields’ transport infrastructure development project. General Director of En+Logistics LLC Andrei Torbin spoke of the progress in the “Establishing railway and motorway infrastructure of Beyskoe bituminous coal field” project. At the session, the results of the Beyskoe bituminous coal field transport master plan development, railway construction with a connection to the Russian Railways infrastructure and construction of a railway bridge over the Abakan river were presented.

Beyskoe bituminous coal pit field is one of the most promising ones in the Russian Federation from the point of view of high-quality energy coal deposits. The development of this site is an important part of the Russian Coal Industry Development Concept that includes exploration of new coal fields and Russian coal export share. There is the Beyskiy Coal Cluster established at the field, bringing together a series of industrial and infrastructural projects of various companies. The forecasted production volume of the cluster is expected to constitute 65% of the total production volume of the Republic by the year 2030.

On the basis of Beyskoe Field, it is planned to build a railway infrastructure to ensure efficient transportation of the produced raw materials. There are plans of building railway lines both around the field territory and to connect it with the Russian Railways mainline. The project masterplan presents several options for the development of a bridge crossing over the Abakan river to connect the coal field with Kamyshta, Kirba, or Khonykh Stations.

As a result of the master plan project discussion, the task force members agreed that a special attention in such industrial and infrastructural projects should be paid to the environmental safety issues. Moreover, in the project process it is very important to take due regard of the needs of all the companies involved in the exploration of Beyskoe coal field.