6 May 2024

The production of lattice flooring is being created in Krasnoyarsk

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and MK-Soyuz LLC (a subsidiary of SK-Soyuz LLC) have entered into an agreement to support an investment project to create a production of multifunctional galvanized lattice flooring. The total investment volume is 100 million rubles, and 8 new jobs are being created as part of the project. The project implementation period is 2 years (in the period from 2024 to 2025).

Commercial Director of MK-Soyuz LLC Igor Kolmakov: “Pressed flooring has a number of significant advantages over other types of metal coatings. Among them are high load–bearing capacity without the use of additional supports, reduction of the total weight of metal structures due to reduced snow loads, convenient and fast installation without welding. The service life of galvanized lattice flooring is more than 25 years. “

Consumers of such construction material are enterprises operating in the field of thermal power engineering, construction companies, oil refineries, mining and processing plants, gold recovery plants, as well as enterprises of the coal industry and the forestry industry.  It is expected that after reaching full production capacity, the company will produce 60-80 tons of finished products per month.

For reference:

MK-Soyuz LLC was founded in 2023. The company is a subsidiary of SK-Soyuz LLC, founded in 2010, a manufacturer and supplier of surface drainage systems made of plastic and concrete, small architectural forms, drainage systems made of stainless steel, geosynthetic grating for weak road bases, manholes and rainwater sinks made of cast iron, materials for landscaping, welded and pressed decking, local sewage treatment plants.