22 February 2019

The place and role of small and medium-sized businesses in the Yenisey Siberia Project discussed at the round table

A round table titled “The Investment Projects of the Yenisey Siberia as a development resource for small and medium-sized businesses of the region” was held in Krasnoyarsk. Director General of the Business Development Agency and Microcredit Company, JSC, Alexander Gramatunov and the Head of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko presented their reports to the regional entrepreneurs. The event was moderated by the Minister of Economy and Regional Development Egor Vasilyev.

Alexander Gramatunov reported that the Agency was making efforts to set up the relationships between the small and medium-sized businesses and the major customers: “We held over a dozen of working meetings for the entrepreneurs to present the products they manufacture in the region. Representatives of corporations spoke of the production tasks and promising projects available for small businesses to participate. We have seen some examples when regional small and medium-sized businesses have become suppliers to the oil and gas, gold refining and other companies. The Agency has a database of regional companies, updated with new names every day. Our specialists get to know the company as close as possible, visit the production site, study the problems of its production processes. Today we have a wide range of tools for “raising” the small and medium-sized businesses to the size of contractors, suppliers of technologies, goods and services within the investment projects of the Yenisey Siberia.

The Head of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko emphasized that as the project of this scale requires a lot of resources, local entrepreneurs could provide the necessary goods and services to the project participants. In its turn, the Development Corporation may act as a contact point, keeping the interested parties informed. For this purpose, a new section on the Corporation website, accumulating the tender orders of the companies, will be launched to collect the bids of the companies wishing to be listed in the bona fide suppliers’ register.

The round table participants presented their proposals concerning the criteria and mechanisms of such selection. It is important for the accredited companies to totally comply with the presented requirements and to be able to provide the necessary volumes of goods and services.

“The task of the Development Corporation is to do everything possible for the investment projects in the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republics of Khakassia to be implemented to the benefit of the socioeconomic development of the region. This is not only investment that matters; we care about launching a spatial development process, enhancing social and business activities. We hope that our business community will eagerly participate in the process, and we are ready to provide efficient communication”, said Sergei Ladyzhenko.

The proposals concerning further work were made by the representatives of entrepreneur associations, including the Chairman of the Yenisey Standard Association Igor Domnin, Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Branch of Opora Russia Victor Zakharov, and Management Community President Albert Korotkikh.

The entrepreneurs suggested, moreover, that the cooperation between the industrial giants of the region and small businesses should be intensively developed by creating a cooperation register and a logistic centre to bring the small companies together by industry branches.

“At the present moment the entrepreneurs are not fully aware of the projects they can get involved in and of how much benefit they may bring to their regions”, remarked Yulia Gorbunova, Executive Director of the Localization and Import Phase-Out Centre. “For this reason, the question of access for the small and medium-sized businesses to the register of priority products for the investment projects remains urgent. The entrepreneurs need to know what kind of services or goods they may propose to supply, because failure of a company bidding for being listed as a bona fide supplier but unable to fulfil its obligations may be fatal for the image of the company and the business itself”.

Drawing the conclusions of the discussion, Egor Vasilyev emphasized that the discussion had been very constructive. “The support for small, medium-sized and large businesses of the region is provided with a number of actions, including the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project, and compared to the previous attempts the budgets of the national projects have grown by several times. At the round table the entrepreneurs could link all these processes together. We rely greatly upon the business support and development organizations, such as the Business Development Agency and the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation. Their activity shall be completely aligned with the spatial and socioeconomic development strategy of the region. Today, some of the approaches have been presented”.