18 September 2023

The number of electric filters at Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1 will be increased

Installation of new electric filters continues at Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1: in total, 15 units of environmental protection equipment will be built at the station instead of the previously planned 14. The cleaning efficiency of new electric filters exceeds 99%. The work is being carried out within the framework of the project for the development of the heat supply system of Krasnoyarsk, included in the Yenisei Siberia KIP. The project involves a comprehensive environmental modernization and expansion of the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1, as well as an increase in the capacity of the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-3.

The environmental modernization of the Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1 began in 2018 with the dismantling of three old chimneys, which freed up space for the construction of electric filters. They replace the existing environmental installations – battery cyclones, the efficiency of which is 95%. The efficiency of cleaning of electric filters is more than 99%, today there are already eight of them at the station.

“SGK planned to build 14 electric filters at CHP-1, but in the end we increased plans for environmental installations, and there will be 15 of them. The company has been a participant of the federal program “Clean Air” in Krasnoyarsk for more than five years. And the ecological modernization of the stations is SGK’s contribution to the implementation of the program,” said Oleg Petrov, Director of the Yenisei branch of SGK.

The increase in the number of electric filters, as well as the entire replacement of outdated environmental equipment with more modern ones, is connected with the work of the Siberian Generating Company to switch to the principles of the best available technologies to improve the quality of the environment.

The main equipment will also be updated at CHP-1: two boilers are already in the replacement stage. After renovation, their efficiency will increase from 89.7% to 91.5%, which will make it possible to use fuel more efficiently and reduce emissions. Two existing turbine units will also be updated, they will be replaced with new ones with a capacity of 35 MW each.

The total volume of investments in the renovation of the Krasnoyarsk CHP-1 will amount to 22 billion rubles. SGK plans to complete the modernization of the station by the beginning of 2025. As a result, the emissions of CHP-1 will be reduced by more than 20%.