27 November 2019

The first project of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project is being completed in the Republic of Tuva

In Kaa-Khemsky District of the Republic of Tuva, Tardan Gold LLC, a gold-recovery factory from the Auriant Mining Group of Companies (Sweden), specializing in extraction and treatment of gold ores, has commenced its start-up operations. At the present moment, the ore is treated with the heap leaching method, but in the past two years, since 2017, the works on replacement of the technology with tank leaching have been in progress. This project is incorporated in the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project.

At the production site, near the operating hydrometallurgy workshop, a high-tech tank leaching gold recovery factory complying with all applicable environmental standards and industrial safety regulations was built. The main advantage of the new technology is the indoor process of the precious metal recovery using special equipment, which prevents any open-air treatment of the gold ore, and, therefore, avoids any contact of the treated ore and the reagents with the environment. The technical solutions implemented in the facility design take all the modern trends and peculiarities of gold ore treatment into account from the environmental, technical, and economic perspectives.

The new technology is based on the principle of minimum impact on the human habitat, flora and fauna. The new technological process implements a closed water cycle, which implies continuous and multiple use of the currently circulating water and surface water run-offs to minimize the pure water intake for technological needs. It is a way to prevent and eliminate water wastes and to avoid any emergency water releases. The neutralized and treated ore, washed and filtered in the press filters, is stored in the specially assigned areas (tailing facilities). After the completion of the deposit development, the tailing facility will be remediated with the topsoil removed at the facility construction site preparation stage.

Well-organized production, uninterrupted technological processes, strict observation of the technology with the cutting-edge control devices prevents industrial disasters that may impact the environment and well-being of people. The automatic system for controlling the technical parameters of the equipment and the highest level of automated process management ensure minimum dependence of the production on the human factor. The system automatically prevents incidents caused by equipment breakdowns or breaches of technology.

The start-up works include working condition tests and calibration of equipment, measurement gauges and automation devices in order to set up the optimal operation mode for the factory. The facility will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2020. The project capacity is planned to be reached in the third quarter of 2020.

The transfer to tank leaching is a way to stable production of 1 ton of gold per year, which means bringing 300 million roubles per year into the budget and non-budget systems of the country, creating 520 full-time jobs, and development of charity in the region.