17 November 2022

Resident of the Russian Arctic plans to implement a project on cleaning and planting in the Industrial District of Norilsk

Svetilo LLC – resident of the Russian Arctic Zone – plans to implement Green Norilsk project, aimed at cleaning, landscaping and land reclamation in the Norilsk industrial district.

Consulting support at the stage of preparing an application, as well as the assistance in obtaining state support for implementing the investment projects of Svetilo LLC was provided by Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation – a management company working with the residents of the Arctic Zone in Krasnoyarsk Region.

“Obtaining a resident status is very important. Firstly, our company, as a resident of the Russian Arctic Zone gets the simplified taxation system preferences. Secondly, we have significantly reduced insurance premiums for our employees. Salaries and insurance deductions are one of the most significant cost items for any enterprise. Being an Arctic resident means a reduction of the insurance premium rate from 30% to 7.5%. It also provides for the opportunity of renting land plots that are in state or municipal ownership without bidding. Or putting it simpler, an entrepreneur who has become a resident of the Russian Arctic Zone has the opportunity to take a start, get firmly established and become a reliable taxpayer in our region,” said Elena Dudchenko, CEO of Svetilo LLC.

The company’s strategy plans to restore 117 hectares of land and clean up land in towns and areas of operation of its assets, planting and reforestation of 1.7 thousand hectares for the period up to 2031. Due to the climatic features of the region, the most of the work will be carried out in the spring-summer period: at this time, it is planned to involve up to 27 people who will work on a rotational basis, and 6 people will be employed permanently.

The Russian Arctic is the largest economic zone with an integrated set of tax and administrative preferences for investment activities. Currently, 21 residents are implementing their projects in the Arctic zone of Krasnoyarsk Region, and the total investment volume amounts to more than 36.74 billion rubles.

Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation have signed an agreement to implement joint projects in the field of sustainable development of the Arctic territories of Krasnoyarsk Region. This document implies joint development of recommendations to improve the quality of life of the population, and joint participation in activities associated to the implementation of investment projects in the Arctic zone of the region.

Applications for obtaining the status of a resident of the Russian Arctic are submitted on the Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of Russia. When registering, an applicant should state the basic parameters of the planned project and will be given an access to their personal account which has the forms required for getting the Arctic Zone resident status. All inquiries regarding the Arctic Zone resident status should be sent to the office of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation: +7 (391) 291-80-80, info@ensib.ru.