26 December 2022

Lesson of Yenisey Siberia was held for schoolchildren of Republic of Khakassia

A Lesson of Yenisey Siberia dedicated to the history, culture and nature of Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakassia and the Tyva Republic was held in the Borodino secondary school. The project is organized by the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren.

The lesson introduced schoolchildren to the history of land development, traditions and customs of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Yenisey Siberia as well as to the outstanding people who made the region famous. Information about natural objects, unique sights and rare species was also enlightening and useful for schoolchildren.

Within the framework of the project A Lesson of Yenisey Siberia, the teachers are provided with resource books and video materials that enable to interest schoolchildren and make the lesson more visual and memorable. In addition, schoolchildren are also given a map of Yenisey Siberia with augmented reality function and stickers to complete tasks in the classroom.

“The lesson is interesting and intense. The information is useful. I recommend adding instructional techniques. Wonderful and colorful visual materials! The children were interested in work, they listened and were happy with the gifts,” 9th grade teacher Evgenia Dubinkina said.

Similar lessons were held in 94 educational institutions of Yenisey Siberia area during the two years of the project in Krasnoyarsk Region, Khakassia and Tyva. More than 4.5 thousand schoolchildren took part in the lessons.