19 December 2022

Golevskaya Mining Company has announced a competition for the design of a power transmission line in Todzhinsky District of Tyva

Golevskaya Mining Company, which is part of Intergeo Managing Company, is implementing a project on construction of a mining and processing plant on the basis of the Ak-Sug porphyry copper deposit in the Tyva Republic. The project includes related infrastructure facilities that will become an impetus for accelerated economic development of hard-to-reach areas of Tyva. The construction of the power transmission line that will run through the kozhuun of Piy-Khem and Todzhinsky is necessary both for the future plant and for improving the energy sustainability of the region.

The construction of the power transmission line is carried out within the framework of the Comprehensive Energy Supply Plan approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Republic of Tyva and is implemented in partnership with the Federal Grid Company. Last Friday, Head of the Republic Vladislav Khovalyg held a meeting of the interdepartmental working group for the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, at which Chief Operations Officer of Golevskaya Mining Company Vasily Kuzichev reported on the launched electrification project of Todzhinsky District.

In accordance with the Comprehensive Plan, Golevskaya Mining Company plans to connect to the Unified National Electric Grid from the substation of the Federal Grid Company in the village of Yrban for power supply of the Company’s auxiliary structures. The power line and substation in Toora-Khem will be designed and built at the expense of Golevskaya Mining Company. At this stage, the acceptance of applications for the design of the Yrban-Toora-Khem high-voltage transmission line and a substation in the village of Toora-Khem is nearly over.


The Ak-Sug porphyry copper-gold deposit is located 240 km northeast of Kyzyl, in the upper reaches of the Ak-Sug river on the southern slopes of the Eastern Sayan (the Sorug ridge). The project to create a battery metal manufacturing company envisages a construction of a mining and processing plant which will become the backbone enterprise of Tyva and one of the largest projects within the framework of Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project.