20 November 2019

Siberian Energy Forum is held in Krasnoyarsk City

From 20 till 22 November at the venue named Siberia International Exhibition and Business Center, the 10th Siberian Energy Forum is held. It is devoted to the issues of energy industry in the territory of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Tyva Republics. The forum has been arranged by leading Siberian and Russian energy companies, universities and scientific centers, legislative and executive authorities of Krasnoyarsk Territory. At the forum venues, there were discussed the issues of energy needs for realizing Yenisey Siberia comprehensive investment project.

Within the forum scope apart from energy industry development in the regions of Yenisey Siberia, special attention was paid to the issues of electric power rates, engineering possibility to connect to electric power network, timelines and payment amount for utility connection of consumers, as well as to financial resources attraction for construction of energy infrastructure, together with strategic development of energy network in the territory of the north of Siberian regions.

Opening the forum’s plenary session, Deputy Chair of Krasnoyarsk Territory Government Anatoly Tsykalov mentioned that energy industry is the main basis for social and economic development and for realizing project of the comprehensive investment project.

“Such a huge project as Yenisey Siberia, which embraces three regions, initiated by our Governor Aleksandr Uss and the one that has already obtained federal support, is not possible without energy industry development”. According to Anatoly Tsykalov, Krasnoyarsk Territory is characterized with energy access and possesses large reserves: when all power plants are of more than 18 gigawatts, at the consumption peak the territory consumes 5.7 gigawatts.

At the plenary session, General Director of the Corporation for Development of Yenisey Siberia Sergei Ladyzhenko presented his report named Yenisey Siberia comprehensive investment project—Challenges and Solutions. He mentioned that together with large energy companies, which are the project partners, it is possible to create required conditions and meet energy needs of the investors.

“Certainly, energy industry is a required basis for realizing the project within the comprehensive investment project. It especially concerns exploration and development of Angara and Yenisey economic district, which will require provision of additional electric power supply, construction of new electricity transmission lines, reconstruction of electric substations, and funding of infrastructure construction and modernization. Of not less importance and also energy consuming are the projects named Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley, Foundation of Company Manufacturing Battery Materials as well as the range of other projects that require progressive development and tight cooperation with large energy companies”, Sergei Ladyzhenko said.