28 May 2024

Scientists of the Yenisey Siberia Research Center have developed high-strength facade coatings for use in the Far North

Scientists of the N.M. Fedorovsky Polar State University (ZSU) have developed a line of plaster, paste and paint facade coatings that can be used in the harsh climatic conditions of the Far North. Special compositions have high strength and resistance to atmospheric loads. The work was carried out within the framework of one of the priority areas of activity of the REC “Yenisey Siberia” – advanced industrial technologies.

According to the author of the study, Mikhail Yelesin, head of the Department of Construction and Heat and Gas Supply at ZSU, work on this project began with an interest in the topic of sulfur dissolution in alkalis. During his work on the study, the scientist of the Polar University received six patents for his inventions.

“Polysulfides are used as the main component in facade paints, which not only improve their quality, but also increase the strength of cement stone. Their use can also contribute to the utilization of sulfur, the main type of industrial waste in Norilsk,” Mikhail Yelesin said.

While working on the project, scientists began to use polysulfides to produce concrete mixtures. As a result, the technology and composition of concretes have appeared, which harden quickly and have good performance properties.

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