7 September 2023

Scientists of the SEC “Yenisey Siberia” have developed effective catalysts for deep processing of wood waste

Researchers of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IHXT SB RAS) have developed methods for obtaining effective catalysts based on platinum group metals for deep processing of wood waste. The purpose of the development is to obtain products with high added value. The research work was carried out within the framework of the priority activities of the SEC “Yenisey Siberia” – new industrial technologies and greening of the economy of the macroregion.

Wood biomass is a widespread renewable source of organic raw materials. Usually, for complex processing of wood, all biomass is preliminarily divided into the main structural components: cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. Scientists of the SB RAS in the course of their research have developed new efficient processes for processing, which allow the use of all components of biomass. Thanks to this method, it became possible to transform plant polymers into valuable products in demand in the chemical, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and environmental protection.

“Lignocellulose biomass is a large-tonnage waste that is only partially disposed of by incineration to produce thermal energy. The purpose of our work is to increase the efficiency of the processes of processing this component of wood, which is an alternative to traditional petroleum raw materials in the production of a variety of chemical products,” said project manager, senior researcher at IHHT SB RAS, Associate Professor of SFU Alexander Kazachenko.

The research work was carried out within the framework of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Science Foundation competition for projects of applied scientific research and experimental developments carried out by undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists in the interests of the REC “Yenisei Siberia”, including in order to ensure the sustainable development of the Arctic and the territories of the Far North.