20 November 2023

Promising investment projects of the Krasnoyarsk Region presented at VDNH

The economic, investment and tourism potentials of the region are presented at the International Exhibition-Forum “Russia” in Moscow during the Day of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

Governor Mikhail Kotyukov addressed the participants of the site with a welcoming speech. He noted that the Krasnoyarsk Region is one of the most investment—attractive regions, in terms of the volume of investments attracted to the economy, it is the leader in Siberia and is among the top ten regions of Russia in terms of capital investments.

“Among all Russian regions, the Krasnoyarsk Region is the leader in many economic indicators. Today we celebrate the successes of our machine builders, the extractive sector of the economy, the defense complex forges the strategic security of the country. Thanks to the development of oil and gas fields, the Krasnoyarsk Region can become a leader in oil production. In order to work with a rich natural heritage, high technologies are needed in the harsh Siberian conditions. To do this, we have strong universities, research centers, as well as engineering teams capable of solving the most difficult tasks. At the same time, we must create a comfortable environment for people, and form transport corridors and new logistics links for the sale of products,” the head of the region stressed.

Sergey Ladyzhenko, General Director of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, told the participants about the economic and investment opportunities of the region. He presented the initiatives of the largest industrial companies that are being implemented within the framework of the Yenisey Siberia integrated investment project, and also presented the business opportunities of the Krasnoyarsk Region in various industries.

“In the north of the region, the development will be based on projects in the fuel and energy complex, metallurgy, gold mining and oil production in conjunction with the modernization of the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route and the construction of the northernmost bridge across the Yenisei,” said Sergey Ladyzhenko. — Among the promising projects in the north of the region are the construction of the West-Taimyr cluster for the production of concentrates from coking coals of the company “Severnaya Zvezda”, the project of the company “Polyus” to increase the production and processing capacities of the Blagodatnoye deposit, the project of the company “Norilsk Nickel” for the construction of new production capacities and modernization of the Zapolyarnaya mine. The source of economic growth for the central part of the region, taking into account its industrial specialization, will be the high-tech development of aluminum industry enterprises, as well as the strengthening of the role of Krasnoyarsk as an international transport and logistics hub.”

Yulia Filatova, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Governor of the Region, spoke about the development of key destinations and the tourism potential of the region. According to her, the growing interest in the region, the emergence of new points of attraction for tourists have formed a request for the development of infrastructure for travelers and attracting investors.

“Today we focus on the diversity of the tourist product. The region has extensive opportunities for eco-tourism. This includes hiking in the city of Krasnoyarsk itself and in natural parks on the territory of the region. A special tourist product was a cruise along the Yenisei. Such an expedition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with all the diversity of life on the Yenisei River, as well as with the various nationalities who live here, with the history of the development of Siberia. The flight to the Putorana plateau completes this route. In recent years, the tourism potential in the Krasnoyarsk Territory has had a serious positive trend. This is recorded by the figures of the tourist flow, the occupancy rate of the hotel fund. Today we are looking for partners and investors to expand the infrastructure opportunities of the tourism sector.”

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The international exhibition-Forum “Russia” is a demonstration of the main national achievements. The event started on November 4 this year and will continue its work until April 12, 2024 in Moscow at VDNH. All 89 subjects of the Russian Federation are represented here. Visitors of the exhibition will learn about technological developments, scientific discoveries, achievements in industry, culture and sports.

The exposition of the Krasnoyarsk Region at the international event shows the dynamics of the region’s development in recent years, presents the achievements of the region and presents major projects that are planned for implementation.