22 May 2023

New recreation on the Yenisey River will appear in Berezovsky district

Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation signed an agreement on the support of an investment project in the field of tourism with Siber OOO. The project, which is supposed to be implemented in three stages, is aimed at popularizing domestic tourist routes and introducing unique natural locations of Siberia.

The first stage of the project includes construction of a recreation facility on the banks of the Yenisey River in Berezovsky district of Krasnoyarsk Region. Visitors will enjoy picturesque views, try exquisite Siberian cuisine in a restaurant on the bank of the Yenisey, rent houses, gazebos, as well as visit an outdoor floating pool, yoga classes with professional instructors, massage and SPA sessions. Boat trips and SUP-boards will be available for outdoor enthusiasts, while tourists coming with their boats might rent a boathouse and berth seats. Besides, a lecture hall for different events (cooking classes, open microphones and other) will be located on the bank of the Yenisey River.

Initiators of the project say that this location will become a popular holiday destination for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without spending a lot of time for the road trip.

 “Now we have all the opportunities to show the tourist potential of Krasnoyarsk Region. There should be as many places for comfortable rest in the region as possible, which will become a point of attraction for residents and guests of the region, and will also contribute to the development of the territory,” said Viktor Shvetsov, head of Berezovsky district .

Within the framework of the second and third stages of the investment project of Siber company, it is planned to build an eco-facility on the Rybnaya River and on Lake Tiberkul.

According to the representatives of Siber company, this project is unique as it has a synergistic effect of all three sites, allowing you to get high-quality service and comfort at any distance from the city with varying immersion in extreme or relaxing holidays.

Project is to be implemented in 2022-2025 with the volume of investments (the first stage) of about 400 million rubles. 22 jobs will be created within the project implementation.


Siber OOO is a part of Siver group of companies, uniting design, engineering and production areas. Siber company is mainly involved in organizing both extreme entertainment and comfortable holidays of premium quality in Krasnoyarsk Region.