16 April 2024

New equipment was purchased for the development of the Syradasai coal deposit in Taimyr

Severnaya Zvezda LLC (part of the Russian Energy Group) continues to implement a project to develop the Syradasay coal deposit on the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. To carry out stripping operations at the quarry, the Severnaya Zvezda company purchased more than 70 units of various mining and transportation equipment (GTO). Auxiliary equipment has also been purchased to maintain the operation of the equipment and the functioning of the supporting infrastructure.

In total, the company purchased 12 excavators with buckets with a capacity of 12 cubic meters, 14 BELAZ dump trucks with a load capacity of 130 tons, 8 drilling rigs, 4 bulldozers, 3 loaders and 25 units of auxiliary equipment. Currently, more than 200 GTO units are involved in the facility.

ACTING General Director of Severnaya Zvezda LLC Igor Hrithikov: “The supply of new equipment will more than double the productivity of work and optimize production processes as part of the implementation of the investment project.”

Recall that the project for the development of the Syradasayskoye field is being implemented 110 km south-east of the village of Dixon in the Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The resources of the field are estimated at more than 5 billion tons. The project included in the Yeniseiskaya Sibir KIP includes the creation of a coal mine, an offshore coal terminal, a highway, a shift camp, a power plant, an airfield and other facilities. To date, the construction of the berthing wall of the first stage of the cargo berth at the Yenisei terminal of the Dixon seaport with a length of 129.4 meters has been completed. This year, a radial-type ship loading machine with a capacity of 3 thousand tons of coal per hour will be put into operation at the berth. As part of the project, the infrastructure of shift settlements with a living area of more than 5.5 thousand square meters has also been built, more than 60 km of highways have been built, and work continues on overburden and coal mining at the quarry. More than 600 jobs have been created, and the company plans to double this number in 2024. Since the beginning of the project, more than 20 billion rubles have been invested in it.