5 September 2023

Mikhail Kotyukov: The Vysokogorsky Bridge is a symbol that Russia is successfully solving complex tasks

The head of the Krasnoyarsk Region Mikhail Kotyukov is on a working visit to the Yenisey district. The head of the region appreciated the quality of the newly opened Vysokogorsky Bridge, and also presented well-deserved awards to builders and road workers who participated in the construction of the crossing. The bridge construction project is included in the KIP “Yenisey Siberia”.

Mikhail Kotyukov, driving a car, drove along the northernmost bridge crossing over the Yenisei, appreciated the result of construction and installation work and the convenience of road interchanges. The head of the region on the spot discussed with representatives of subsoil user enterprises operating on the right bank of the Yenisei, the prospects for the development of production facilities that open with the appearance of the bridge. The crossing was built as part of the national project “Safe high-quality roads”.

During the visit, the head of the region thanked the designers, bridge builders and road builders for the high pace and quality of the work performed, presented them with departmental and regional awards.

Mikhail Kotyukov, head of the Krasnoyarsk Territory: “I am sure that the history of the creation of the Vysokogorsky Bridge will find its place in the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local Lore. This bridge is a symbol of the fact that Russia is successfully solving complex technological and transport problems. Now economic activity will be formed around it, road service facilities and infrastructure will appear, which will give work to local residents and the opportunity for tourists to relax. I convey to the bridge builders and all those involved the words of gratitude from the President of Russia and wish new ambitious projects!”

The bridge will provide tens of thousands of residents of the right bank of the Yenisei in the North Yenisei, parts of the Yenisei and Motyginsky districts with year-round communication with the “mainland”. The crossing will give a new impetus to the development of the northern territories of the region, will help to change the quality of life there.

For reference

The Vysokogorsky Bridge is the seventh and northernmost automobile crossing over the Yenisei. It provided year-round transport accessibility to the northern right bank of the river. Uninterrupted communication will help to further develop the economic potential of the Lower Angara region, where a number of major investment projects are already being implemented, including mining and gold mining.

The construction of the capital metal bridge was started in the fall of 2020. More than 1000 specialists took part in its construction, who had to work at temperatures from – 50 to +40 degrees.

Despite the difficult weather conditions and especially hard rocks that make up the bottom of the Yenisei River in this place, the bridge was commissioned four months ahead of schedule and passed all the necessary dynamic and static tests. Since August 31, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin has opened traffic on the bridge.