Establishment of an international transport hub and a production-logistic centre for handling cargo traffic from the major international hubs and organization of new production facilities. The large transfer and transhipment transport hub is designed to handle 800 thousand tons of cargo every year. It is a set of sites with facilities, as well as administrative, business, transport and engineering infrastructure, cargo handling and industrial production zones located within the same territory and managed by the same company, which allows the territory to be classified as a special economic zone of industrial and production type.

The project implies reconstruction of the taxiways, expansion of the high-speed taxiway to the runway threshold, construction of a cargo and passenger railway connection to the airport, reconstruction of the Krasnoyarsk airport apron, reconstruction of the artificial runway in the Krasnoyarsk airport including partial or full replacement of the asphalt concrete pavement and the reinforced concrete foundation of the runway, reconstruction of the drainage facilities and lighting equipment, attainment of the special economic zone status and establishment of the proper transport-logistic and engineering infrastructure.

Socioeconomic effects: new jobs, integration of the region into the global cargo transportation network, redistribution of cargo from the main international hubs, development of the investment attractiveness of the region through establishment of new high added-value production facilities, increasing passenger and cargo flows of the Krasnoyarsk airport, establishment of new high-tech industrial production sites supplying products both to the domestic airport and for the export.

Investors: ERA Group JSC; private investors into infrastructure construction.

Delivery period: 2020–2027

Investment: 0,94 billion dollars (preliminary aggregate investment assessment)