In the Kaa-Khem district of the Tyva Republic, there is a gold recovery plant LLC Tardan Gold, which is a part of the Auriant Mining group of companies (Sweden) and is engaged in the extraction and processing of gold-bearing ores. Currently, the heap leaching process is used, but recently the mining technology has started to change to tank leaching.

The main difference of the new technology is that the process of extracting of metals from ore takes place inside the production facility using special equipment, which makes it possible to exclude the process of processing gold-bearing ore outdoor, and therefore to eliminate contact of the processed ore and reagents with the environment.

The new technology is based on the principles of minimum impact on the human environment, flora and fauna. The new technological process is designed to have a closed cycle of water circulation, which includes repeated and constant use for the needs of production of both available water and surface wastewater collected to reduce the use of clean water. This will prevent and eliminate the formation of effluents, as well as avoid any emergency discharges. Neutralized waste ore, washed and filtered on press filters, is stored at prepared sites (tailing dumps). After the completion of the deposit development, the tailing dump will be reclaimed by using the soil and vegetation layer removed during the preparation of the site for the construction of the facility.

High organization of production, continuity of technological processes, strict adherence to technology with the use of modern monitoring facilities, excludes the possibility of man-made accidents that can have an impact on humans and the environment. The system of automatic control of the technological parameters of the equipment and the highest level of the management of the automated processes lead to the production that reduces the possibility of human error. The system uses an automatic mode to prevent emergency incidents connected with equipment failure and technological disturbances.

The commissioning of the facility is expected in the second quarter of 2020. It is planned to reach the design capacity from the third quarter of 2020.

The transition to vat leaching will make it possible to steadily extract one ton of gold per year, which means to provide the budgetary and non-budgetary systems of the country with more than 300 million roubles per year, provide 520 permanent jobs and possibility to increase the amount of charity support allocated to the region.

Investor: LLC Tardan Gold

Implementation period: 2018-2027

Investments: RUB 1.563 billion