24 March 2021

KEF expert studios will operate in Moscow, Berlin and Singapore

The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum will be held on April 12-16 both offline and online. During the Forum the top experts will be developing solutions to the challenges of the “post-covid” world. This year, the Forum will be special as the expert studios in Moscow, Berlin and Singapore, organized with the support of the Russian Trade Missions in Germany and Singapore.

Representatives of business and public associations in such fields as science, big business, politics, economy and culture will be the guests of the studios. Within the framework of the business program of the forum, it is planned to include studio lives moderated by Dr. Christiane Schuchart, Russia Regional Director of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy, and Alexander Svinin, Russian Trade Representative in Singapore. A number of expert events are planned to be held in the foreign studios focusing on the urgent issues of international cooperation. These discussions will aim at developing the ways of overcoming global threats.

A number of events will be held in the Moscow studio, including such expert discussions as “MSCI ESG Index. Responsible investing in the future”,“Transformations in the Russian market of the venture investments and technological entrepreneurship”,“Prospects for the development of the space industry in the Russian Federation”, as well as the round-table discussion – “Inland waterways. Regional agenda”. Top economists and business representatives will be the moderators of these events.

Berlin studio is planned to hold an international foresight discussion – “Trends in the development of the World Economy”, expert speeches on the topic “How not to lose within the enterprise and within the economy? Lean manufacturing as a tool for increasing labor productivity and growth of economic indicators of the enterprise”, a bilateral discussion – “Russia and Germany”. Interregional cooperation”, and panel discussions – “Person with antibodies”. How has 2020 changed us and our lives?” and “Energy Security: Transformation of goal setting 
and development of the industry”.

Singapore studio is planned to hold an expert discussion – “Cybersecurity in the time of rapid growth and integration of digital solutions”, a plenary discussion – “Technological overcoming of challenges and barriers in the context of the global economic shock”, the open talk – “The future of Urbanism. How will cities and agglomerations develop in the “post-covid” era? ”, the international session – “World staff shortage – seeking for new competencies. How has the 2020 economic shock affected the global labor market? “

“Germany is and, I am sure, will always be the major partner of Russia in Europe, both in trade and  technological cooperation. During the KEF together with German and Russian experts we will try to pay the attention of the participants to the promising areas for the development of relations between Russia and Germany. These areas include diversification of supply chains, lean manufacturing, implementation of the best available technologies, “Industry 4.0”, energy transition. We will have talks on the significant potential of interregional cooperation and the prospects for the development of our countries’ economies in the post-pandemic world,” – said Andrey Sobolev, the Russian Federation Trade Representative to Germany.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the team of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk region and the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation for their attention to Singapore as an important partner for Russian business. Within the framework of the Singapore studio we will try to show the Singapore’s experience in digital transformation, building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, public administration, providing practical cases. Besides, we will present new opportunities for cooperation with Russia.  I hope that the companies and experts from Singapore will be able to participate in the KEF-2022 offline,” – said Andrey Sobolev, Russian Federation Trade Representative to Germany.

Let us remind you, the events of the forum will be broadcast on the КЭФ21.РФ website. It is required to register for online participation in the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.