19 July 2023

Investors of Krasnoyarsk Region will get a convenient interaction system with government agencies

Krasnoyarsk Region is to introduce a convenient system for implementing any investment project and make interaction of investors and government agencies as simple and transparent as possible. The Regional investment standard is being implemented in the region. It has been developed on behalf of the President of Russia to create favourable conditions for doing business.

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and ANO Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation demonstrated results of this work to the entrepreneurs and representatives of business structures.

For now, Investment portal of Krasnoyarsk Region has been developed and it will make implementation of business initiatives much easier. It provides up-to-date information about the investment potential of the region, support measures and infrastructure investors might get, as well as a feedback platform.

Besides, the portal has an investment map of the region, which helps to choose a site for implementation of the project at the planning stage. It shows information about investment projects and investment sites, as well as necessary urban planning information.

Investment Committee has been established in Krasnoyarsk Region chaired by the head of the region. It’s a platform where entrepreneurs ready to invest in the development of the region can voice problematic issues hindering implementation of their investment projects. There is a special organization attracting investments and working with investors of ANO Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation. An investor is comprehensively assisted within the life cycle of the project.

Another element of the Regional Investment Standard, currently being formed in the region, includes a set of rules with certain procedures necessary for any entrepreneur when implementing an investment project, as well as given terms, which will be fixed at the regional level. It includes information about getting construction permits, grid connecting, and much more. The document is formed taking into account the opinion of public organizations and entrepreneurs.

 “It is important that we don’t just formally approve the document, but agree on acceptable terms, which are, first of all, convenient for entrepreneurs. We want to get feedback from you as introducing the Regional Investment Standard we plan to create a convenient interaction system for investors and government agencies and a simple system for implementing any investment project on the territory of our region,” said Anna Garnets, Acting Minister of Economy and Regional Development.

Special organization attracting investments and working with investors of ANO Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation is the basic element in this system of comprehensive investor support within the life cycle of the project.

“The Corporation provides infrastructure support and assists investors in accelerating implementation of investment projects at all stages – monitoring, analyzing and searching for new investment projects, providing support and consulting on state support measures, as well as sharing information and providing organizational support for the project,” said Sergey Ladyzhenko, General Director of ANO Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation”.