Justification of measures of state support

The corporation has built effective communication with key government agencies providing investment activities. Different mechanisms of interaction with federal, regional and municipal authorities have been established.

We help to reduce political and administrative risks in the process of attracting public funds, preparing documents and receiving necessary approvals.

With the participation of the Corporation, regional and federal laws aimed at supporting investment activities were adopted, agreements on the allocation of 18 billion roubles of federal financing for the infrastructure facilities necessary for the implementation of the Yenisey Siberia CIP were reached, applications for the creation of territories with a special tax status were prepared and sent to the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Structuring of the investment projects, incl. based on PPP
  • Development and / or amendments to the regulatory framework
  • Tax incentives for the implementation of the investment projects
  • Preparation of a justification for obtaining budget funds for the infrastructure development
  • Organization of participation in the state support programs
  • Assistance in concluding an investment protection and promotion agreement