2 November 2023

In the North-Yenisey district, the power grid was modernized for the development of the Blagodatnoye field

In the North Yenisey district of the Krasnoyarsk Region, an additional autotransformer was installed at the Taiga substation. The power of the power center has more than doubled. This is a key stage of work on the power supply of Polyus enterprises located in the region.

Additional energy is needed by the consumer for the development of the largest gold deposits in the North Yenisei district, where a new gold extraction factory is being built. This facility is part of the complex investment project “Yenisey Siberia”.

The installed equipment is manufactured in Russia. It is characterized by high reliability and relatively small dimensions, which is especially important given the complex logistics.

To connect the autotransformer, the power engineers reconstructed open switchgear, installing modern switching equipment and surge arresters. In addition, microprocessor protection and emergency automation devices were installed at the substation.

At the next stages of the project, the Taiga substation will be equipped with static capacitor banks. It is also planned to modernize the adjacent power supply centers and install a new wire with increased capacity at the power line “Priangarskaya – Razdolinskaya”, providing electricity transmission from the Boguchanskaya HPP.