19 September 2019

HR Road Show was held in Krasnoyarsk at the Metal Cup. Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technological Strategy Championship

On September 16-19, the best metallurgy students from different countries competed together in case-solving championship, working together to determine the key technologies of the future metallurgy. The participants and experts studied a number of questions related to the digitalization of metallurgy, recycling of industrial wastes, and development of new cooperation forms for the companies offering different products and operating in different markets.

The national team of Russia consisted of 20 participants selected from over 3000 applicants. Among the championship participants there were students from Hungary, the Philippines, Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Jamaica, Guinea and a number of other countries.

According to the organizers and partners of the event, including Norilsk Nickel, Siberian Federal University and the Young Metallurgists Association, the main objectives of the championships include the development of the HR potential of the metallurgical sector, strengthening of international contacts and cooperation between young specialists from different countries, and integration of the best students into the development of complex technological development strategies for the key investment projects in the metallurgic sector.

On the last day of the championship, the HR Road Show was held, where the Head of the HR Department of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Vladislav Mikhalchenko presented the HR Platform of the Company. He remarked that the HR focus is extremely important for better performance of the organization, which in the future may bring a positive economic effect. The HR Platform of the Yenisey Siberia monitors the development of promising specialists for the project companies. At the present moment, the HR pool includes over 500 best specialists and manager; in the nearest future, the list will be expanded by means of the Yenisey Siberia: Profi Generation Interregional Championships based on the WorldSkills Standards.

“The Yenisey Siberia Project opens enormous opportunities for the young specialists to show their worth. Lots of projects connected to metallurgy and mineral recovery are in need for qualified specialists with a fresh view over the rapidly developing technologies. This is why the championship works as a perfect springboard for the employers to find the best young people who are eager to learn and bring profit to their companies. And, of course, in the Yenisey Siberia our platform facilitates the cooperation between the specialists and large industrial corporations”, added Vladislav Mikhalchenko.