World Junior Curling Championship

World Junior Curling Championship was held in Krasnoyarsk, at the Crystal Ice Arena from 15 to 22 February 2020. Russia hosted such competitions for the second time in history. Prior to that the World Junior Championships were held in Russia in 2013 in Sochi as part of the Olympic Games test events.

The decision of holding a tournament in our city was made following the successful delivery of the Winter Universiade 2019. Due to the Games new sports venues were constructed in Krasnoyarsk.  The World Junior Curling Championship was held in the Crystal Ice Arena. This venue was built specially for the Winter Universiade 2019. The equipment which stayed as a legacy after the Winter Universiade 2019 such as stones for curling and ice scrapers, was used during the Championship.

20 teams from 15 countries took part in the World Junior Curling Championship:  Russia, Canada, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan.

Two sets of medals were played at the tournament, one for men and one for women. The athletes of the Canadian national team won gold in both men’s and women’s competitions. Silver medals in the men’s tournament were won by the Swiss team, the bronze medals went to the Scottish team. As for the girls, Korean women won silver, and the Russian team won bronze medals.

The World Junior Curling Championship aroused great interest among citizens and guests of Krasnoyarsk: more than 20 thousand spectators attended the competition. Volunteers helped to create festive sports atmosphere during the competitions. They provided support and service in various fields: they met the participants of the competition at the airport, accompanied the official delegations, helped the judges, spectators, provided language services and much more. A total of 316 volunteers were recruited to work at the World Junior Curling Championship and they were involved in 26 areas.

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