ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure skating


ISU Grand Prix of figure skating was held at the Crystal Ice Arena for the first time in Krasnoyarsk from September 16-18, 2021.

A number of 80 skaters from 28 countries competed for the medals in single skating (men and women), ice dance and pair skating.

Gleb Lutfullin won the gold medal among the single skaters getting 230, 42 points. The silver medal in single skating went to Egor Rukhin (223,29 points). The bronze medal was won by Wesley Chiu from Canada with 217,59 point.

Sofya Akatyeva became the strongest skater in single skating among women. She broke the junior world record on the Krasnoyarsk ice by getting the biggest amount of points in free program (157,19) as well as the total sum in short and free program (233,08 point). Anastasia Zinina became the second among women with 206,20 point and the third is Sofya Samodelkina with the result of 202, 39 points.

Irina Khavronina and Dario Chirizano who are the champions of the junior winter Olympics 2020 in Losanne won the gold medal in ice dance. Their result for two competition days is 167,31 points. The silver medal went to Sofia Leontyeva and Danila Gorlekin (165,14 points). Angela Ling and Caleb Wein became the third (160,23 points).

Ekaterina Chikmareva and Matvey Yanchenkov won the competition in pair skating. The total sum for the two parts is 189,11 points. Natalya Khabibullina and Ilya Khyazhuk became the second with 183,87 points. The third place went to Ekaterina Petushkova and Evgeny Malikov (170,46 points).

Russian skaters won 10 awards in total during the ISU Junior grand Prix of figure skating: 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

Krasnoyarsk became the third Russian city where the Junior Grand Prix of figure skating was held. The competitions took place in Saransk in 2016 and in Chelyabinsk in 2019.