29 March 2019

Digital Valley will be established in Krasnoyarsk

The Yenisey Siberia announced the beginning of work on a top Russian economy digitalization project titled the Digital Valley. On March 29, at the 16th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum the Agreement between the Government of Krasnoyarsk Region and the first pool of the Digital Valley residents, 25 leading Moscow and Krasnoyarsk IT companies, was signed. Such companies as Fund Atom, AT Consulting, Beeper, Social Network agency, WCIOM, Mobilephone, First Bit, Rubit, Sibit Systems, MaxSoft and Aspirity have already confirmed their intention to participate in the Digital Valley project.

The Digital Valley brings together the efforts of the regional authorities, developers and leading IT companies to create advantageous work conditions for the development and implementation of high-tech products and services. For this reason, a high-tech Technopark will be built in Krasnoyarsk for the companies to place their offices.

“This is a young project, not yet connected to any industry. The Yenisey Siberia already has enough of those, while the high-tech initiatives are still a deficit. I believe that this is a huge progressive step. I am convinced that by the year 2022 the project we are starting now will have reached some tangible results”, declared the Head of Directorate of the Yenisey Siberia Investment Project Sergei Ladyzhenko when signing the agreement.

According to the experts, as soon as after 5-7 years the Digital Valley will create 5 thousand new jobs in the region, providing 400 million Roubles of tax revenues per year. Even by the end of this year, up to one thousand of new jobs can be created, yielding 50 million Roubles of taxes to the regional budget. The objective of the cluster is to provide companies with the resources for efficient IT development: new generation computation capacity, space and services, scientific and resource base. It will reduce the project design, development and entrance to the high-competition market for the new products.

At the present stage, the Digital Valley project includes the Technopark, residential houses, and ArenaVR (Cybersport Centre on Otdykha Island).

The companies that decide to bring their headquarters to Krasnoyarsk can be confident about low rent costs, availability of active investors, the “green corridor” for new projects and special conditions for the employees including comfortable accommodation and infrastructure, convenient transportation logistics between the Digital Valley sites.