7 November 2019

Corporation for Development of Yenisey Siberia prepares a road map for creating a transborder corridor to China

There was held an interregional meeting regarding creating a transborder automobile corridor from the regions of Yenisey Siberia to Mongolia and China. Using video conference communication, representatives of the Corporation for Development of Yenisey Siberia, the First Deputy of Tyva Republic Government Chair Aleksandr Brokert, representatives of related ministries, heads of state road institutions of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia Republic and Tyva Republic participated in the discussion.

At the present moment, Tyva Government works out the issue of changing in 2020 the status of Khandaygayty checkpoint from a two-way to multi-way one, by which the border will be available for road haulage and border crossing by citizens of all countries. Today, the main link path of Tyva with other regions is federal road Р-257 (Krasnoyarsk–Abakan–Kyzyl–Chadan–Khandaygayty). The alternative route (Krasnoyarsk–Abakan–Abaza–Ak-Dovorak–Chadan–Khandaygayty) goes through the western districts of Tyva and Khakassia and is more promising in terms of developing transborder trade. This road is managed by the regions and requires capital repairs. Besides, development of this route gives a chance of entering neighboring Kemerovo and Novosibirsk Regions.

The meeting participants agreed to intensify joint work under this project. No longer than by the end of this year, the governments of Khakassia and Tyva Republics plan to apply to the Russian Ministry of Transport to transfer their parts of the road—Abaza–Ak-Dovorak–Chadan—under the federal management. This will allow to assign sufficient funds to reconstruction of this route and intensify transborder trade.

Summarizing the discussion results, General Director of the Corporation for Development of Yenisey Siberia Sergei Ladyzhenko noted that modernization of this part of the road will allow to form the background for active trade and recreational development of Yenisey Siberia regions.

“The alternative route is very promising in terms of forming a goods way between Russia and China, as well as establishing logistics centers. Now we together with the colleagues from three regions elaborate a road map for the project realization, which will allow to justify the road transfer into federal ownership and further development of this part of the road” Sergei Ladyzhenko claimed.