26 September 2019

Bridge across the Yenisey by Vysokogorsky Village got approved by the RF State Expert Evaluation Department

The project of a bridge across the Yenisey near Vysokogorsky Village was approved by the RF State Expert Evaluation Department (Glavgosekpertiza). The project developed at the beginning of 2010 under the federal programme for the Low Angara Economic Region Development, in the year 2018 got included into the Mainline Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Comprehensive Plan until 2024.

Construction of a two-lane bridge will ensure the all-year-round transport accessibility of the settlements and industrial facilities in the Low Angara advanced development zone, reduce the transport expenses and make the trips safer. The velocity of traffic across the river will reach 80 kmph on the winter roads, vehicles cannot move faster than 25 kmph).

The construction implies the creation of a motor crossing 2028.5 meters long; the bridge length is 1196.1 meters. Moreover, a traffic circle and connections to the common motorways, such as the Krasnoyarsk Yenisey track, will be built.

The crossing will increase the efficiency of the investment project within the Yenisey Siberia CIP – development of the Angara-Yenisey Economic District, with the total amount of investment exceeding 164 billion Roubles. The new infrastructure will enable companies to explore new gold ore deposits. Moreover, the bridge opens new opportunities for timber processing, construction of forest chemical plants on the right side of the Yenisey and to explore the deposits of such minerals as zinc, antimony, lead, magnesite, talc, and bauxites. The construction of the first industrial facilities will create over 3000 new jobs.

The project will be financed from the federal and regional budgets.