28 July 2022

Additional flights are launched from Krasnoyarsk to Kyzyl

KrasAvia Airline launches additional flights from Krasnoyarsk to Kyzyl from August 5. Flights will be operated by modern ATR 72 aircrafts on Fridays and Sundays. The journey will take 1 hour and 40 minutes. The planes will depart from Krasnoyarsk at 8.40 pm, from Kyzyl to Krasnoyarsk at 11.10 pm.

This is an additional opportunity to travel around the Yenisey Siberia. You can visit the Tyva Republic for a weekend: see the centre of Asia, go to the museum of Scythian gold, visit the monument “Royal Hunt” by Dashi Namdakov, take a horse ride, go fishing and try the Tyva cuisine.

One-way ticket will cost 3700 rubles. There are also special one-way tariffs for young people and pensioners at a price of 2500 rubles.  Tickets are already on sale on the airline’s website. Flights are scheduled till August 28.