19 February 2024

A network of comfortable glamping facilities and a luxury hotel will be built in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Region

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and Big Fishing Trip LLC signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of two investment projects: the creation of a network of comfortable glamping in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Region and the construction of a luxury hotel in the village of Bor Turukhansky district.

According to Rosa Daurskaya, General Director of Big Fishing Trip LLC, many years of experience have shown that VIP tourism will become the basis for the development of the northern territories in the coming years. In 2023, the entrepreneur and his team built the first taiga glamping “Maigur” in Evenkia. This is a modern tourist camp with well-equipped chums, a sauna, comfortable bathrooms, a taiga restaurant where guests are served unique northern dishes from the chef.

Now the company plans to build a network of similar glamping sites in other northern regions of the region by 2027. Turukhansk, a village are considered for the placement of complexes. Bor of Turukhansky district, Tura, Vanarava, Baykit. The volume of investments will amount to 120 million rubles. The project will create 60 jobs for indigenous people.

In addition, in the village. It is planned to build a hotel complex with a tourist visitor center in the Bor Turukhansky district. The project requires 150-200 million rubles of investments.  The initiator of the project intends to complete the construction by 2027 and employ 30 local residents.

General manager LLC “Big fishing trip” Rosa Daurskaya: “Currently, the popularity of domestic tourism continues to grow in our country, and the brand of the territory and its reputation are becoming real resources for the development of the region’s economy, increasing its competitiveness. We are working in this direction in our segment of fishing tourism in remote areas of the north and consider our socially responsible business to be the mainstay of the development of the local economy.”

The entrepreneur also noted that the construction of the planned facilities will increase the passenger traffic of local airlines several times, including by attracting tourists from Southeast Asia.

For reference:

Big Fishing Trip LLC is an internal regional tour operator specializing in amateur recreational fishing. The company organizes unique fishing tours along the rivers of wild Tunguska, as well as the construction of tourist industry facilities.