3 November 2023

The development plan of the SFD Development Strategy until 2035 includes investment projects of the Republic of Tyva

The plan approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for the implementation of the strategy of socio-economic development of the Siberian Federal District until 2035 includes more than 150 events grouped in several directions and creating conditions for the economic growth of the Siberian regions and improving the quality of life of their population. According to the document, 26 measures aimed at the implementation of economic projects will be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Tyva, and 5 more in the social sphere.

Among the key activities included in the Strategy of the Republic of Tyva, projects for the construction of residential and social facilities, the development of rare earth metals and gold deposits, infrastructure modernization, as well as the implementation of investment projects are highlighted.

Thus, the “Infrastructure Development” direction includes detailed plans for the construction of the transport corridor “Russia – Mongolia – China” through the Republic of Tyva, including new automobile and aviation routes. We are talking about the creation of a cross–border automobile corridor “Krasnoyarsk- Ak–Dovurak – Chadan – Khandagaity – Urumqi”, the project of which is included in the KIP “Yenisey Siberia”; the creation of a cross–border railway corridor; technical re-equipment of an air checkpoint at the Kyzyl International Airport; the study of the construction of the Turan-Yrban-Toora-Khem road; reconstruction checkpoint “Khandagaity” (Borsho); justification of the creation of the corridor “Kyzyl-Khaya– Kosh-Agach”.

The section “Railways and Waterways” included an event to evaluate the construction of the Elegest– Kyzyl – Kuragino line until 2024. Plans have also been made for the power supply of the Mongun-Taiga and Tere-Khol districts, the implementation of a Comprehensive energy supply plan for investment and social facilities on the territory of the Republic of Tyva.

The section “Cluster development” is aimed at attracting private investment in the economy of the regions. Within the framework of this direction, it is planned to create enterprises, modernize factories, develop new deposits and develop tourist facilities. For implementation in the Republic of Tyva, such investment projects are being considered as the construction of the sanatorium-resort center “Ush-Beldir”, the construction of a year-round children’s camp “Pearl of Asia”, the creation of a logistics center “Solchur”, the construction of a plant of non-explosive components of emulsion explosives, the development of deposits of nepheline ores, rare earth metals, niobium, tantalum, zirconium, gold. In addition, long-term plans have been made to create such clusters as “Agriculture and food industry”, within the framework of which the creation of a special economic zone “Khandagaity” is envisaged in Tuva.