14 September 2022

The capacity of the auto-crossing point on Mongolia border will be doubled in Tyva

The project of reconstruction of Khandagaity auto-crossing point in Tyva has entered the phase of active construction work. The work is being carried out under the Yenisey Siberia CIP project of creating a Russia – Mongolia – China transborder automobile corridor. The implementation of the project will contribute to the expansion of transborder trade, the inclusion of the Tyva Republic in global transport routes, attracting investment, the creation of trading houses in Mongolia and China, as well as creation of network of logistics centers with special conditions for transportation, storage and partial processing of goods. 

The construction is underway on both sides of the state border at the moment. It is planned to create a sector for the movement of goods with two automated complexes for assessing the weight and overall dimensions characteristics of the vehicles on the Mongolian side. The passenger terminal will be modernized on Russian side. At least 200 units of transport will be able to pass “Khandagaity – Borshoo” per day as a result, that is twice as much as now. The passenger traffic is expected to increase by 1.5 times and will amount to 560 people per day.

The fences are being installed, and excavation pits are being developed at the construction sites arranged at the territory of the border crossing point. The formwork for strip foundation casting for office building and the customs infrastructure itself is being installed. The buildings complex includes sewage treatment facilities, the premises for canine unit and maintenance and other services as well as isolated premises for in-depth vehicle inspection and other production facilities. Construction workers use prefabricated and mobile structures made of sandwich panels, significantly speeding up the work. It is planned to complete the reconstruction next year.

“The day is not far off when the crossing point will work in a multilateral mode. Meaning that it will pass cargo and citizens of other countries not just Mongolia and Russia. This will significantly increase the opportunities for transborder cooperation, attracting tourists, and moving goods and cargo. In other words, the Khandagaity auto-crossing point will finally become a full-fledged automobile gateway to Asia and will help Russian regions, especially Yenisey Siberia, to actively explore the markets of Mongolia and China. The status of a transit region also gives Tyva many advantages and points of development and growth of course,” head of the Tyva Republic Vladislav Khovalyg says.

Khandagaity checkpoint will switch to the round-the-clock operation after the reconstruction is completed, which means that cargo clearance time will be reduced significantly, and citizens will not have to wait long for the permission to cross the border.